What is
Quantum AI?

Making possible, the impossible.

Quantum AI plc is a developer of intelligent software. Trusted in the industry, we have created a secure AI platform on the basis of next-generation methods, including future concepts of Quantum Computing, for the modern organisation. We provide business insights, pattern & trend learning, self-learning algorithms, and self-healing solutions. We make neural software with human intelligence, ready to be implemented for cognitive decision-making assistance.

Trusted Expertise

Lead executives in the business are respected with their cybersecurity experience, working with global businesses to keep their data and applications secure. Quantum AI is the next step; secure, innovative, and powerful, our intelligent software is the future.

With a full intelligent solution suite, powered by the latest developments in AI and machine learning, Quantum AI can help your organisation unlock business intelligence with AI, spot trends and patterns in big data with deep learning, and remain secure.

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Our Mission

We help organisations apply the benefits of AI to their business-critical needs through innovative technology, services, and solutions.

Automating the mundane and repetitive tasks, creating a competitive edge, and ensuring you are protecting your big data and minimising potential attack surfaces. Quantum AI do the heavy lifting, so you can focus more. Quantum AI works in the background, so you can make better-informed decisions.

Quantum AI is using artificial intelligence for good.

Your challenge can be solved by AI

Our Vision

Become a leading global thought leader of disruptive AI-based solutions, building innovation for the future of this generation and the next.

Why Quantum AI is right for you?

AI can complement and assist your workforce – AI is not here to replace. Quantum AI is designed to do the heavy lifting, to enable people to work better, making better-informed decisions, more efficiently, whilst being the most secure technology fit for your growing business needs.

We design tailor-made solutions for your business that unlock true business intelligence, and provide continual optimisation to create a competitive edge.

Tomorrow’s intelligence can start today.

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Quantum AI