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Quantum AI is helping businesses in all sectors unlock, understand and leverage their business data, and build competitive advantage. We do this through a suite of business solutions built around the latest developments in Artificial General Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. 

That’s why Quantum AI is working with solution providers to implement AI projects for clients. Providing the scoping, development, testing and handover. Our partners also can provide ongoing monitoring, consulting services and remote support. If you are working as a Partner in this sector and would like to become a leading provider of the Quantum AI solutions, we welcome partners applications below: 

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The Benefits of Quantum AI

AI for Cybersecurity within a
managed SaaS environment

Deep learning automation
to assist and enhance

Real-time dynamic AI centric products
with self governance

Review data sets of any size
within the platform

Unique Facial Recognition
and Voice Activated control

Utilising DigitalDNA that is
as unique as you are

A Proven Track Record

The team behind Quantum AI have an incredibly successful past in the security and SaaS industry, and as pioneers in futuristic technologies, they are leading from the front with disruptive technologies now used in everyday life. Looking to strengthen their portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, the Quantum AI team are striving for AI-driven services across managed security platforms and access innovation, utilising the developments in deep learning and machine learning, bringing AGI to the next generation.

Deep learning can manage complex datasets

“Quantum AI was established to address the growing need for trusted artificial intelligence solutions with a turnkey solution. We are driven by an ethos of “AI for good” – meaning that our software and products are developed with the goal of aiding – not replacing – human intelligence.”

– Steve Watts, Founder & CEO of Quantum AI

Why is Quantum AI right for you?

AI can complement and assist your workforce – AI is not here to replace. Quantum AI is designed to do the heavy lifting, to enable people to work better, making better-informed decisions, more efficiently, whilst being the most secure technology fit for your growing business needs.

We design tailor-made solutions for your business that unlock true business intelligence, and provide continual optimisation to create a competitive edge.

Tomorrow’s intelligence can start today.

AI assistance for education

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