Intelligent CIP

The intelligent combination of IAM and PAM
with added layers of AI

Quantum brings AI in line with Identity Access Management (IAM) platforms and connects to a unique device management control module, Digital Vault, and Privileged Credential Manager, enabling businesses to understand and protect their users, as well as streamline workflows and processes.

Layering Security With AI

To achieve a heightened security posture, reduce cyber risk, and reduce the window of attack vectors, PAM is essential. Seen hand in hand, IAM and PAM combined, provide granular control, visibility, and audit over privileged identities, rights, and access. Add an extra layer of AI with continuous learning, and you can secure your organisation with next-generation technology.

PAM has the granularity that adds the layer needed to protect the enterprise. In addition to this, by running FIDO and OAuth, security fields are united to make a membrane of protection and secure individual users’ DigitalDNA.

Encrypted passwordless IAM from Quantum AI

Easy Access If It’s Really You

With unique Facial Recognition and Voice Activated control being a major element of the Identity Platform, and by utilising Edge computing with Device Management, Quantum AI can ensure all users’ identities are protected on and offline.

It’s essential to protect every user and their Digital DNA, and so Quantum AI can make the onboarding, the deployment, and the ongoing management; slick, quick, and efficient. So, you can unlock the most intelligent and ground-breaking CIP, today.

Facial Recognition Technology for i-IAM

Biometrics, when properly used, offer greater protection for financial fraud and different types of identity or data theft, since they are much more secure than using typical passwords and PINs.

– Dr. Thirimachos Bourlai

Embrace A Password-less Lifestyle

Our Machine Learning Engine creates a profile of ‘You’, that is who you are, and how you work. We complement this big data with a Deep Learning digest, together contributing to the ultra-secure Quantum AI engine. A secure engine with the intelligence to continuously innovate your user profile, to keep it as unique as you are.

Bringing a suite of products together to cohesively perform was the first stage, and the next generation of real-time AI allows heightened security for users and their surrounding organisation. Without secure software, embracing a password-less routine would expose you to cyberthreats. Essentials such as password-less access, facial recognition, and PAM, are inherent to the system alongside (SSO) Single Sign-On. The full complement of IAM is built into the platform; the game changer is the listening platform that is working tirelessly behind the system. This is the future, and it’s here today.

Easy-to-use intelligent security solutions from Quantum AI

Quotient Intelligence

A key differentiator for Quantum AI is the development of Quotient grouping through device application and management. A unique offering that’s been developed to bring non-tangible, non-related factors together in synergy. Quotient Intelligence is a blend of understanding in different parallels access and controls across the enterprise and related these trends to potential vulnerabilities.

Creating the competitive edge with deep learning
Providing our core AI capability to the solution, underpinning the monitoring, automation, and learning of the user creates a unique offering to the Cyber market that’s leaps ahead of where we have previously been able to take the sectors’ ability. If you would like to request a CIP audit and find out the potential benefits for your organisation, get in touch or further browse our intelligent solution suite below.

Implementation timeline

Quantum AI