Empower your workforce with Intelligent Process Automation.

Digital Process Automation is the method of employing streamlining tactics into your organisation to achieve digital efficiency, and ensure employees are using their time effectively. Add an element of AI into the mix, and you get Intelligent DPA (i-DPA).

By creating policy driven processes and automating operations where possible, with a self-learning, self-improving artificial intelligence model optimising business efficiency, you can get the competitive edge.

Alleviate Repetition, Innovate More

1 in 3 businesses having already fully automated one function of their technologies, are you ready? Many CEOs now focus on greater automation in their business, to streamline mundane, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks, and allow their colleagues to innovate more.

Finding the competitive edge in any industry is the make or break for a business’ success. Cutting out ‘wasted time’ and automating administrative step-by-step tasks is the answer to not only freeing up a workforce’s time but giving them the opportunity to take a step back and see the bigger picture, therefore allowing the entire organisation to strive for bigger and more enterprising objectives.

Alleviate Repetition, Innovate More

Adding AI and ML to DPA

Our AI-driven Machine Learning, combined with Deep Learning, creates a self-healing, self-learning addition to any enterprise, alongside the Quantum AI Engine. This enhances personal security, allows more time for innovation, and automates the mundane tasks to a trusted learning platform, thus, leaving you with more time to grow and develop.

As Machine Learning progresses within the organisation, it will continue to improve its results. Experience and accuracy are improved as more data is used and historically understood – a critical element of artificial intelligence that’s needed to provide process automation through dynamically changing, intelligent algorithms.

Adding AI and ML to BPA

Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.

– Haresh Sippy, Chief Founder & Managing Director of Tema India Ltd

Routine Task Assistance

Reduced Strain
Automate the laborious, time-consuming tasks for a happier workforce.

Routine Task Assistance

Eliminate friction and fill the gaps in digital processes for scalable efficiency.

Routine Task Assistance

Business Agility
Fewer errors and faster turnaround times from AI-powered ML models.


Willis Towers Watson

Unique Algorithms Tailored To Any Process

When implementing Data Learning, our engines process big data which, depending upon the task, can then be used to automate digital processes, identify anomalies in work patterns, or create predictive outcomes to inform better business decisions in the future.

But simply applying an algorithm is only half the battle. Algorithms need to be tailored to each specific task if they are to be truly effective. Many of these are designed and optimised for query speeds, scheduled so that partial elements of stabilised data can be used to develop an initial query before more intensive heuristic computations are performed. This is when you and your workforce can focus on the bigger picture and gain the vital competitive edge.

Unique Algorithms Tailored To Any Process
At Quantum AI, we believe that i-DPA can help everyone in an organisation in some way, directly or indirectly. If you would like to talk to us about how our algorithms can support and improve your digital processes, then please get in touch, or browse the rest of our intelligent solution suite below.
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