Intelligent PAM

Privileged Access Management
with added layers of AI-driven security

Utilising our device management control module, Digital Vault, and Privileged Credential Manager: we monitor, manage and control the users’ access with the Quantum AI learning engine; so we can challenge everything.

We provide the evidence, the intelligence, and the facts so that you can make better informed decisions about the security of your enterprise. Challenge everything with the Quantum AI engine’s zero trust architecture.

Layering security with AI

To achieve a heightened security posture, reduce cyber risk, and reduce the window of attack vectors, PAM is essential. Seen hand in hand, IAM and PAM combined, provide granular control, visibility, and audit over privileged identities, rights, and access. Add an extra layer of AI with continuous learning, and you can secure your organisation with next-generation technology.

Encrypted passwordless IAM from Quantum AI

Everyone has an identity, it’s an organization’s duty to protect it

Working alongside IAM, PAM has the granularity that adds the layer needed to protect the enterprise. Starting from the least privileged, the platform is built to manage access, users, and monitor the network through to the super admin. It’s essential to protect every user and their digital identity (DigitalDNA), and so Quantum AI can make the onboarding, the deployment, and the ongoing management; slick, quick, and efficient.

Facial Recognition Technology for i-IAM

The single biggest existential threat that’s out there, I think, is cyber.

– Michael Mullen, Former United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Intelligence for Privileged Access

Starting with protecting your DigitalDNA, that is, your identity online, it’s a journey to manage access to multiple applications with one sign on. Quantum AI created a DigitalDNA passport to manage uber-access for platforms. Once access is granted, increased security continues using Quantum AI’s PAM services, such as video capture of service.

Easy-to-use intelligent security solutions from Quantum AI

Making the right informed decisions

Building a dynamic security platform that controls access, administers users and groups, allows multiple applications in a single authenticated session, manages and allows devices, provides a layer of advanced PAM together, is Quantum AI’s comprehensive suite.

Adding layers of deep learning, utilising neural self learning, or accessing the SIEM, with artificial intelligence working in the background, Quantum AI protects the users, devices, data, and provides assurance around the clock that the learning module is making better-informed decisions.

Deep learning can manage complex datasets

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