Unique Algorithms

Calculate the right path through your data to find patterns and trends.

The true power behind Machine Learning or Deep Learning Engine is in the algorithms on which they are dependent. It’s here, in the lines and lines of instructional information, where one is able to really leverage the power of quantum computers.

And it’s where we, at Quantum, ensure that our platform is perfectly suited to each client’s requirements. Our algorithms are designed and created for specific, clearly defined use cases based on complex series of sequences and defined instructions to complete specifically set challenges and computational problems, and enable learnings to be taken from those challenges.

Added layers of AI

We overlay with additional human inputs that add context, understanding, and usability to those algorithmic outcomes to create a form of artificial intelligence.

In every walk of business, data is being generated at an astonishing rate, often creating huge silos of both structured and unstructured data. In fact, many organisations, especially those in heavily transformative industries, can be left behind when data becomes too big. For some, it’s unclear exactly how much data is collected in a time frame, or where this data is held. In that raw state, however, such data alone has little value. However, subjecting it to Quantum algorithms which can seek out that data, add context and make it actionable can transform a resource drain into  a realisable, tangible asset.

Your challenge can be solved by AI

How do algorithms do this?

Through a series of tasks and repetitive processes such as Data Mining and Data Learning, our engines process data which, depending upon the task, can then be used to automate robotic processes, identify anomalies in weather patterns, or create predictive outcomes to inform better business decisions.

But simply applying an algorithm is only half the battle. Algorithms need to be tailored to each specific task if they are to be truly effective. Many of these are designed and optimised for query speeds, scheduled so that partial elements of stabilised data can be used to develop an initial query, before more intensive heuristic computations are performed.

Deep learning can manage complex datasets

Similarly, simulated Intelligence is an enhanced version of an Algorithm allowing variations of human reactions to be simulated. Similar to Neural Networks, the actions of Algorithms recognising the underlying relationships of the data processing mimic and enhance human intelligence.

Limitless possibilities


The size of your data determines the value and potential insight. By analysing large volumes of data quickly and accurately, AI can assist in making better informed decisions.


Unstructured data ranging across currencies, formats and types? No problem for our deep learning engine. Pull together different formats and overlay variables.


Constant data incoming? Our deep learning engine learns from experience…so it simply gets better at analysing and extracting key insights from your data.

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