Non-Fungible Tokens​

Striving toward a more secure and fair digital ecosystem.

NFT’s allow artists to claim an ownership of their own work, in whatever format that is. Traditionally, it is difficult for artists’ digital files and creations to have an official monetary value, and it has always proved a challenge to prove ownership of a digital asset. Not for much longer, as NFTs are paving the way to a fairer, and more secure, digital industry.

A Fairer and More Secure Ecosystem

The digital file is created into a unique asset which is uploaded in-turn to an online marketplace, where the owner creates a digital presence using an online wallet storing both it’s valuation and access rights via its unique NFT.

This process of minting, and uploading it to the platform, creates its own unique identity and from here creates secure, public, and non-reversible, revenue streams for its creator, owner, and potentially for the viewer. Thus creating a secure, and fair ecosystem in the digital online universe.

NFT non fungible tokens crypto art

Quantum can provide a secure instance to manage your online currencies in a digital wallet,
secured by an AI engine.

Blockchain and Encryption

Overlaying the Quantum AI pursuit of Machine and Deep Learning processes, we are interested in the authenticity of the asset, its journey, and ensuring the claims against the asset are valid. By utilising Blockchain and Encryption techniques, we provide the unique ability to play an overriding part in the validation and asset management of the NFT process.

The process of creating an NFT is unique and one that is ultimately secure; please contact us for more information if you wish to know more, have a digital creation you are looking to create revenues from or have an opportunity to host a secure NFT platform.

Block chain network for NFTs

If you wish to know more, are looking to create revenues from a digital artwork, or are wanting to host a secure NFT platform, get in touch. Browse our Intelligent solutions below to find out more about our other technologies.

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