Quantum Computing

Next-generation computing power.

Quantum computing is the science behind the next generation of super computers. As each decade sees a leap forward in processing ability, the requirements and demands of users and applications leap too. This race for ever-more computing power means that even a series of super computers can’t fulfil our future computing needs. This is where Quantum comes in. rather than using the cumbersome and limiting 1s and 0s of traditional binary computing. Quantum processes in qubits that allows exponentially more computing capability.

To realise the true value of Quantum Computing, however, takes more than simply applying new computing power to existing programmes and hardware. It means a new paradigm in software development. And that’s where we come in.

Our Approach

Our technology is specifically designed to harness the potential of Quantum computing and apply it to develop incredibly powerful Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Encryption and Data Discovery capabilities. In doing this, we’ve created a platform which can solve more complex challenges, and deliver insights deeper than our clients could previously dream about.

Quantum Computing is the future, and we’re bringing it to the present.

Deep learning can tackle any big data

Scientific Breakthroughs

We enable scientific researchers to simulate and predict complex molecular systems that can lead to breakthroughs in fields like material science and medicine.

Heightened Security

We help security professionals outcompete even the most sophisticated threat actors by adding newfound levels and layers of complexity to encryption and defence.

Continuous Development

We provide innovators and strategists with the tools they require to understand the World’s challenges. From there, they can predict how processes need to adapt and develop.

A classical computation is like a solo voice…A quantum computation is like a symphony.

– Seth Lloyd, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics

Faster Computing = Faster Results

With quantum computers capable of handling and processing much larger datasets, AI and machine-learning applications are set to benefit hugely, with faster training times and more capable algorithms. Researchers have also demonstrated that quantum algorithms have the potential to crack traditional cryptography keys, which for now are too mathematically difficult for classical computers to break.

The power of Quantum Computing with added AI

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