Feeding the world through
better intelligence

Agriculture is an industry in flux. As the world continues to come to terms with a rapidly growing population, wide-ranging effects of climate change and political pressures on global supply chains, new thinking needs to be applied to where, and how we grow and process our food.

Technology is, of course increasingly playing a part in modernising and transforming the traditional farming and food production methods, and have enabled more crops to be grown more quickly at lower cost,  but efficiency alone will not solve agriculture’s – and the world’s food production challenges.

Transforming thinking

AI takes this adoption of technology to the next level: where to date we’ve often relied on engineers to build bigger and better machinery, or scientists to develop drought-resistant crops, AI is capable of applying a level of deep intelligence across the entire food production chain to uncover hidden data insights and enhance every element.

AI-based equipment and machines are already working on the world’s largest farms, and throughout the supply chains to implement i-DPA by identifying ways of improving yield, reducing water consumption, and predicting food shortages before they happen.

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The future of agriculture

Where can AI add value?

food production

Mapping growing population demand
with food production needs

optimise land use

land use

water resource

Optimisation and identification
of ever-scarce water resource

new food

Market acceptance of
new food types

Prediction and mitigation
of cost increases or food shortages

use of chemicals

Traceability and compliance
of chemicals used

transportation route optimisation

Optimisation of transportation routes
and supply chains

soil pH

Soil quality and degradation
if over utilised

Reduce Waste

Reducing time and
resource waste

What next?

Global food shortages are evermore prevalent in today’s world. Without new concepts and radical innovation, they are not going away any time soon. We believe that AI may be the answer. By leveraging the right data and working with the correct experts to iron out supply chains, combat waste, and make trading routes more effective, AI is the future of agriculture.

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Food supply assisted by AI
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