Bringing order to
complexity in Biopharma

Pharmaceuticals is an industry unlike any other: The difference between being first to market, or not, can be the difference between commercial success and failure. So, how do you ensure that your organisation gives itself the best possible chance to be the next to bring innovation to market?

To win that race, you need to be better and faster at analysing data, more agile in your ability to bring products to market, and more confident in your pricing and demand forecasting. That is where Artificial Intelligence holds the keys to true competitive advantage.

Uncovering the insight in complex data sets

The pharmaceutical industry, by its nature, deals with incredibly complex datasets: Chemical compounds, DNA sequencing and enzyme studies require the support of powerful computerized tools and applications to both minimise error and extrapolate useful accurate information.

At Quantum, we work to help companies looking to leverage Artificial Intelligence to understand those complex datasets with more speed and more confidence. In doing so, we help them augment their ability to identify and diagnose medical issues, establish patients model test criteria, and utilise transformative operational intelligence, all at a pace that simply couldn’t be done without the recent technological innovations.

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

The result? More competitive businesses, more successful drug production and healthier, happier customers.

Protecting customers, protecting intellectual property

Protecting intellectual property in the pharmaceutical space is an incredibly important part of any CIO or CISO’s role: not only is that IP often classed as a valuable asset on a company’s balance sheet, its protection is also of great importance to the health and safety of patients.

While traditional data integrity solutions have an important role to play, the need for additional, proactive approaches to data management and security is ever more important.

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AI for Cyber Security
What can AI bring to Pharmaceuticals?


Enables fast and decentralized learnings to be gathered from IoT sensors on machines and wearables on staff to; improve drug production and testing, detect early signs of failure, and track health and safety.


Industrial robots automate repetitive tasks, prevent or reduce human error to a negligible rate, and shift human workers’ focus to more productive areas of the operation.

Tracking and forecasting
input costs

Price volatility of raw materials has always been a challenge for manufacturers. Businesses have to adapt to the unstable price of raw materials to remain competitive in the market.


While humans are forced to work in shifts, robots are capable of working for 24/7 in the production line. With AI and robotics, businesses can scale rapidly to meet global demand.

Safer Operational

A step towards AI means less human resource have to carry out dangerous and overly laborious work. As robots replace humans and perform normal and risky activities, the number of workplace accidents will decrease.

Operating Costs

Although, bringing AI into the pharmaceuticals industry would necessitate a huge capital investment, the ROI is significantly high. As intelligent machines start taking care of day-to-day-activities, businesses can enjoy considerably lower operating cost and quicker time to market.

Novel opportunities
for humans

As AI takes over the manufacturing plant, and automates boring and ordinary human tasks, workers will get to focus on complex and innovative tasks. While AI takes care of unskilled labour, humans can focus on driving innovation and routing their business to advanced levels.


AI assembly lines are data-driven, interconnected, and autonomous, based on a set of parameters and algorithms that constantly update production guidelines to deliver the best possible drugs to market with each movement recorded for traceability and compliance.

To find out how AI can transform your R&D, IP protection or production process, browse our intelligent solution suite.

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