Proactive cybersecurity
with continuous learning

An organisation’s attack surface in today’s enterprise IT environment is massive. With increased working from home and BYOD trends, it’s also increasingly fluid in its shape and size. For traditional cybersecurity measures, this is a huge challenge: how do you stay ahead of the latest zero-day malware, identify every weak link within the business, and defend against external threats in the form of competitors, criminals and even nation states?

These challenges need round-the-clock systems monitoring, instant decision-making and encyclopedic knowledge of every user, device and application within your environment. In other words, they are a perfect use case for Artificial Intelligence.

Disrupting Bad Actors

Quantum AI is a disruptive technology that adds an additional layer of defence, and significantly improves an organisation’s cybersecurity posture. AI works across existing security tools and methodologies, to monitor and continually optimise mundane software tasks and critical security updates across any device.

With ever-more sophisticated algorithms, our AI systems are being trained and grow to the organisations requirements and threat vectors.

Disrupting Bad Actors with AI-led Cyber

To competently perform rectifying security service, two critical incident response elements are necessary: information and organisation.

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Always Learning

The Quantum DM module quickly builds an accurate and detailed record of all devices, users, and applications on your network, and their different levels of access to systems. With this, the Quantum AI endpoint protection can then establish a baseline of behaviour through a repeated training process.

With this ever-updated, ever-enhanced understanding of your environment, If something out of the ordinary occurs, AI can flag it and take action. Notifying the user, the administrator, and then taking remedial action to revert to a safer state to combat the attack; proactive protection against threats known and unknown to the system. Our unique algorithms also facilitate the implementation of i-DPA to streamline your operations, and continually optimise security processes, intelligently.

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Your challenge can be solved by AI

AI is an unmatched weapon that your organisation needs to identify and repel an ever-changing cyber threat. To understand exactly how Quantum AI can take your security to the next level, browse our solution suite and get in touch.

Adding an AI layer to identity management

Identity Access Management and Privilege Access Management (IAM and PAM) have in recent years become mainstays of many businesses’ front-line cybersecurity defence, and with good reason. They provide additional, heightened levels of security that prevents unauthorised users – from inside or outside the business – accessing data and applications they shouldn’t.

However, there is a downside: Implementing, updating and monitoring Access Management across enterprise businesses with almost endless user profiles, applications and data devices needing to be recognised, categorised, and provisioned with the correct access. It’s no wonder many administrators of IAM and PAM solutions are inundated with false positives where legitimate users have been locked out of systems they should have access to. This type of system error halts business efficiency and potentially causes delays in key operations.

Layering AI above IAM and PAM can have a transformative effect on the Access Management experience for end users and admins alike: using Neural networks and deep learning, Quantum’s AI tools look beyond the user profiles of traditional access management to build a “DigitalDNA” of each user and device. Drawing on behavioural observations (e.g. time of login, location, arrival on site etc.) can build a picture of “normal behaviour” and allow or deny access to specific parts of the network based on those behaviours.

AI has a powerful role to play in all areas of the Cybersecurity

Edge analytics

Enables fast and decentralised security analysis to be gathered from multiple datasets and applications within the business and externally.

Tracking and forecasting activity

Understanding historic performance and the factors influencing that performance enables accurate, insightful planning of future activities.

24×7 Operations

Optimise media planning and bidding around the clock, respond to security events,  and maximise control over your IT estate by automating key functions with AI.

To see how Quantum AI can help you unlock true AI-driven cybersecurity for your organisation, browse our suite of intelligent solutions and get in touch.

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