Improving customer experience
with Big Data

If ever there was a sector with an appetite for fresh insights and data, it is eCommerce. With ever more complex tools, such as fulfilments systems, marketing automation, and adtech platforms forming part of the eCommerce technology stack, there’s certainly no shortage of data being collected.

What delivers real competitive advantage, however, isn’t the amount of data being collected, but the insight that can be derived from it. And with so many tools, potentially creating their own data silos, extrapolating real meaning can be a tough task.

Giving context to the P&L

Business decisions don’t operate in isolation: there are any number of unseen factors affecting purchasing behaviour and influencing stock control which, without AI, would go unnoticed: can last season’s run of winter coats, for example, be attributed to a particularly cold spell, media scaremongering about a “Beast from the East”, or a great marketing campaign?

To truly get the answer to questions like these – answers that could directly impact future business performance, you need to combine, and mine multiple data sets from across the business and outside. And this is where Quantum’s Artificial Intelligence can really come into its own.

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Utilising ML for UX

AI tools, are already empowering online businesses to make better purchasing decisions and provide greater customer value by more accurately matching and predicting supply and demand. In the near future, the insights derived from Deep and Machine Learning, and from the mining of ever-more detailed consumer data will mean businesses will be able to do this not just at a macroeconomic level, but right down to individuals.

Our unique algorithms also facilitate the implementation of i-DPA to streamline your operations, and continually optimise processes, intelligently. This reduces workforce effort and allows for more time to be spent on innovation and data analysis.

Deep learning can tackle any big data

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Damon Richards, Business Consultant

Beyond the sale

The value of AI goes far deeper than the interface with the customer: in an operating environment where major retailer and manufacturers hold significant IP, AI has a defensive role to play too.

By leveraging AI, we’re able to help businesses protect their valuable intellectual property from theft, and keep their infrastructures secure from counterfeit goods. In instances where counterfeit goods are already on the market, we’re able to use tools such as neural networks to identify those counterfeit goods, take down the sites selling them, and automatically report them to the relevant authorities.

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beyond the sale

AI enables more innovative decision-making across the property sector through multiple areas of intelligence.

Automated Intelligence

Manage the routine tasks by implementing this and leaving it to run for monitoring and re-checking.

Learning support
Supportive Intelligence

A series of capabilities to support people, and complete projects and tasks quickly and accurately.

Full Autonomous Intelligence

Allows challenging, mundane, and repetitive tasks to be fully automated, and self-improving, unsupervised.

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