Advancing the next era of
human intelligence with AI

Machine Learning has direct correlations to how humans learn. As such, it should be of little surprise that the advance of this technology stands to have many tangible benefits for the both students and teachers at all levels of education.

With the right data sources, AI-based educational software can enhance both in-person and remote teaching, providing new ways through which teachers, students parents and other stakeholders plan and share learning and track progress.

Intelligent Tutoring and Learning

Intelligent tutoring system (ITS) and intelligent learning system (ILS) technologies provide AI-powered digital platforms that enable students to discover information for themselves. As well as acting as a medium for guided learning, they can also perform extensive diagnostics on student performance, maintaining a continuous model of their knowledge, skills, errors, and misconceptions.

With student performance being monitored, education staff can spend more time analysing than recording. Our unique algorithms facilitate the implementation of i-DPA to free up workforce effort and time, and allow for more learning and improvement.

AI assistance for education

Expanding the Range of Education

In general, AI and digital technology are helping to eliminate boundaries and extend educational opportunities to learners throughout the world. Intelligent web search and recommendation engines can provide students with the information and resources they need to further their education.

online education support from artificial intelligence
AI systems can use the materials of a traditional syllabus to create customized textbooks for certain subjects. Such systems digitize this course material and create new learning interfaces to help students of all academic grades and ages.

Other benefits include:

Access to online learning

Continuous Access to Learning

With much of the AI technology-based online, education becomes an “anywhere, anytime” process, which may be undertaken more at the student’s convenience, in any location, with the same intelligent outcome.

Learning support

Access for Students with Special Needs

Innovative AI technologies are providing new ways of interacting for students with learning or physical disabilities and special needs.


Increased Engagement

Personalized learning platforms with individual schedules, customized tasks, and interaction with digital technologies increase student engagement for improved performance.

Reduced pressure

Reduced Academic / Social Pressure

Material tailored to the needs of different learning groups enables students to proceed with their education without comparing themselves to others.

Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

– Albert Einstein

Advancing Education Management and Administration

The benefits of AI in education don’t stop with the student, however. As schools, universities and academies increasingly look to operate as businesses, and monitor business-like KPIs such as operational improvement and ROI on major purchases, AI stands to add real value.

AI can take the often siloed, or unstructured data held in back-office programmes such as Education Management Information Systems and Learning Management Systems and uncover untapped insights that can transform how your establishment is run, whether that’s by improving the lesson planning process, uncovering data trends around exam results, or simply improving use and ROI of technology investments. From the masses of data collected through an EMIS and LMS, AI and machine learning algorithms can make data-driven decisions to improve school/university administration and overall education delivery.

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