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Local and National Government is turning to AI
for help addressing myriad challenges

All areas of Government – local or national, are faced with data challenges. Whether it’s a need to tracking and tracing the spread of a virus, throughout the population, or streamline council tax payments, even small improvements in efficiency, accuracy and report-ability can have enormous outcomes in terms of cost savings for the public purse.

And while in an era of austerity, cost savings are a critical factor for many local authorities and many government departments, they are by no means the only factor.  As Governments globally face up to major challenges ranging from improving healthcare and safer social housing, to implementing clean energy and countering terrorist threat, the appetite for more data and more analysis of that data has never been higher.

And with stakes high, AI stands to play a major role.

Reduce administrative burden

Governments all over the world, and at all levels, are looking to emulate many of the working practices of the business world with the goal of becoming more agile, leaner and more in touch with their communities. However, the one over-riding challenge to these goals is the legacy of administrative burden that is a result of generations of bureaucracy and traditional thinking. The answer? Intelligent DPA, enhanced with AI, for a self-learning and self-improving operational automation solution.

Artificial Intelligence is totally fresh. It has no preconceptions about how any given job should be done. What AI does do very well, is the automation of repetitive and mundane tasks incredibly efficiently and, when set up correctly, it can continually look for opportunities to improve such processes across systems. What that means is reduced administrative cost for the taxpayer, as well as quicker resolution of queries and service requests.

AI in government must take into account privacy, security, and compatibility with existing systems, but has the potential to help organisations work more efficiently, manage costs, and make great progress in research. Over time, AI could save taxpayers’ funds by optimising budget allocation and assisting with day-to-day government operations.

Deep intelligence to inform mission-critical decisions

National Government departments often need to make big decisions, with far-reaching implications. Often, the ‘truth’ about those decisions will be clouded by noise from the press, guidance from allies, and possibly threats from less friendly states. To make the right decision in such circumstances calls for a clear head and absolute confidence in the information at your disposal.

Quantum AI not only enables departments and ministers to gain absolute clarity of the ‘here and now’, it can leverage machine learning to explore similar situations in history and make use of advanced game theory to understand the implications of each possible decision available, providing the information required for governments to make the best decision possible for their electorate.

Dealing with complexity is an inefficient and unnecessary waste of time, attention and mental energy. There is never any justification for things being complex when they could be simple.

Edward de Bono

Protecting against major failure

Government and public bodies, whether the Ministry of Defence or the NHS possess vast numbers and types of assets, ranging from laptops holding confidential information, to multimillion pound scanning machines, or military vehicles.

Keeping track of each of these assets, maintaining their service history, and tracking who has access to them and when are all critical elements to the smooth and secure running of the country. Failure to keep on top of this kind of administrative challenge – cast though it is – could have catastrophic consequences.

Quantum AI has a powerful role to play: not only are our tools able to keep track of hundreds of thousands of assets, cataloguing and even implementing maintenance schedules automatically, they are able to do it 24/7, 365 days a year, and with absolute confidentiality.

That means that during those critical moments for the nation – whether reacting to a pandemic or bringing troops home from overseas, we can all rest easy that the machinery and software required to do the job will be ready and waiting.

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