Unlocking new audiences
and optimising continuously

As with many other industries, the Media space has been revolutionised by technological advances: As the number of mediums, channels, and producers of content continues to spiral upwards, audiences are at once becoming increasingly splintered and yet often increasingly tribal.

This makes the job of the media planner and buyer all the more complicated. Just how do you ensure your client campaign reaches the right audience at the right time, on the right channel? How do you identify untapped audiences before your competitors, and how do you ascertain the results of your spend?

While there are many point-solution tools that will answer parts of each of these questions, none are capable of actively discovering, mining and interpreting broad data sources in the same way AI can.

Leverage Machine Learning for deep insight

Understanding the finer points of your audience’s interaction with your content and your brand can be an arduous task, often relying on some low-tech and unreliable methodologies. Data can be out-of-date, skewed by research bias, or simply missing due to a lack of proper data collection.

In an AI-enabled environment, not only can such challenges be overcome, but the whole approach to user engagement and research is transformed: By checking and mining data sources – which may include internal data silos, existing applications and public / third-party datasets requires checking and mining, Quantum’s AI tools can build a precise, multidimensional picture of exactly what content provoked the best – and worst engagement with audiences, at what times of day, and in which locations.

Automate bidding and decision-making

Additionally, AI uses that data to provide a clearer understanding of the optimal message / time / channel combinations for future ads, and using Machine and Deep learning to automate planning decisions based on that information.

By implementing an intelligent DPA solution, you can not only automate your mundane tasks, but you can allow them to self-learn and self-improve over time, to continually optimise your operations.

Such automation alleviates the likelihood of human error, enables 24-7 monitoring, bidding and optimisation of ad budgets and ultimately delivers more successful, more evidenced campaign activity (which invariably means happier clients and more future spend).

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Optimise client relationships

Winning new ad clients can be a stressful, time-consuming and expensive, so being able to better understand your existing customers is incredibly valuable. And yet, too often agencies don’t invest enough time in truly understanding the historic performance and behaviour of clients, without which it’s difficult to state with clarity.

AI has proven itself again here to be a powerful ally: by interrogating existing data sets – from invoicing history and email chains, to individual campaign placements, as well as mapping external variants such as weather, political contexts, to build a complete picture of client behaviours and how they impacted – and were impacted by campaign performance.

Armed with this information, your teams can build comprehensive account management plans that address any issues highlighted, and pinpoint the key areas of focus for all parties to make the next contract an even more successful one.

“Content Doesn’t Win, Optimized Content Wins.”

– Li Evans, Adobe Marketing Expert

AI has a powerful role to play in all areas of the media industry

Edge analytics

Enables fast and decentralised learnings to be gathered from multiple datasets and applications within the business and externally.

Tracking and forecasting activity

Understanding historic performance and the factors influencing that performance enables accurate, insightful planning of future activities.

24×7 Operations

Optimise media planning and bidding around the clock, respond to live events,  and maximise reach to your global audiences by automating key functions with AI.

Explore how AI can help you and your clients gain a competitive advantage in reaching new audiences, or gaining deeper understanding of their engagement, by checking out the links below, or getting in touch.
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