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Do non-profits need AI? Yes

For non-profit organisations an objection we often hear is; “AI? Is that ethical?” It’s a fair question, and there is no definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. AI as a technology is neither ethical nor unethical. Just like any other technology, it is in its application  that it becomes ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

And in the right hands, with the right inputs, checks and balances, AI can deliver a significant contribution to helping organisations focused on helping others. At Quantum AI, we believe in ‘AI for good’, combining forces with the employee and the organisation to do more, effectively, accurately, and securely.

Much is made of the commercial benefits of AI, but putting a monetary value on its capabilities is probably an inaccurate measure. The truth is, the potential benefits of AI are far more wide-reaching.

Anywhere where humans have limited time and resource, or need to process and analyse large datasets, Quantum AI engines can bring value and extract insights that would otherwise be undiscovered.

The results of this could provide insights into how societies are changing, or how lessons can be learnt from history; helping to predict and mitigate the impacts of natural disasters.

AI can empower all of us to act on data in more meaningful ways and do more good with the resources available.

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How can we help you do more?

Our team of AI experts understand that in the charity and non-profit sector, any investment in technology must deliver value rapidly, both for the purchasing organisation, and for the people who are reliant on that organisation.

The Quantum team have many years’ experience unlocking the potential of organisations with limited resource. To book a call with one of our consultants and understand how AI can be used to help you deliver your organisational objectives, browse our intelligent solutions suite and get in touch.

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How does AI help non-profits?

Document Automation

Actively draft, track and manage changes in documents, link automatically to related papers and apply learnings from precedents. Taking the strain out of mundane, repetitive paperwork and speeding up business efficiency.

Research & Data Sovereignty

AI tools guide organisations in analysing and securing large amounts of potentially sensitive data, and drawing insights from the content.

Data Discovery

Within any large organisation, data is often unstructured, held in multiple silos, or in places not easily accessible.. AI removes this obstacle by proactively identifying relevant datasets across your entire IT estate.

Predictive technology

Leveraging game theory and deep statistical analysis, AI can help inform the decision making around how to prioritise activities from fundraising through to providing aid in the most needy places.

Global compliance

Remaining compliant is key and AI can learn your compliance responsibilities at a global and regional level. Automate the application of appropriate tools to ensure your processes, staff and partners comply with those responsibilities.

Confident Due Diligence

AI helps to rapidly understand any situation by analysing past events and communications trails, enabling your organisation’s experts to provide support and advice more confidently.

What next for your organisation?

The next beneficial action for the Non-Profits sector is to utilise AI for reviewing and cleansing the data. This can help to define goals, adopt targets for sponsors, and then once in place, be used as a process of testing, refining the searches, analysing the results, and ultimately retesting for optimisation.

With specifically defined goals with Management Agreement, DL, ML and AI can work in synergy to optimise even the smallest of budget break-downs. This can help to calculate ROI and therefore show proof of value in a tightly-financed organisation.

In addition, our unique algorithms allow for the implementation of intelligent DPA to streamline your operations, and continually optimise business processes, intelligently. This can reduce workforce effort on the mundane and repetitive tasks, to free up more time for valuable innovation and analysis.

Deep learning can tackle any big data

To find out more about our tailor-made AI-powered solutions, get in touch or continue to browse our intelligent solution suite below.

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