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The Real Estate sector is adapting to a data focussed world, being driven to give a competitive edge. Already, many have adopted e-contracts and online data management, as well as IoT-enabled building and environmental controls. It’s from here that we can leverage the data mining capabilities of artificial intelligence to its full, thus providing more insights into a property’s, or a group of properties’ performance, whether that be in terms of occupancy, asset value or environmental performance.

These insights can inform major improvements that improve outcomes for the business in terms of cost savings or value realisation, while tenants enjoy a better quality of service.

Applying AI to Real Estate Challenges

The real estate sector is a challenging one: developers are under pressure to identify and maximise value from brownfield sites, while tackling supply chain challenges that threaten fulfilment of new builds, and skills shortages that threaten renovations.

Investors and property managers have their own challenges of accurate evaluating and maintaining their portfolios, while achieving environmental and social targets set by government. But each of these challenges becomes less daunting with the right data, and the right, timely interpretation of that data.

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AI in Real Estate

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

– Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Mine a Deeper Evidence Base

Real Estate and related sectors, such as Finance and Economics, thrive on evidence-based information; assisting with sales, management, portfolio care and investment strategies requiring a high volume of data to provide the information needed to make performance based decisions and strategies. It is here that so much of the values brought by Machine Learning and Deep Learning engines can provide the Artificial Intelligence people need today to make better informed decisions.

With Quantum AI it’s possible to turn a risk into an informed process that’s quantifiable, provides the evidence based research and intelligently go forward enlightened and assured that your business processes and decision-making is rational. Our unique algorithms also facilitate the implementation of i-DPA to streamline operations, and continually optimise processes, intelligently. Thus, freeing up more time for the valuable tasks and innovation.

Quantum Real Estate

AI enables more innovative decision-making across the property sector through multiple areas of intelligence.

Automated Intelligence

Manage the routine tasks by implementing this and leaving it to run for monitoring and re-checking.

Learning support
Supportive Intelligence

A series of capabilities to support people, and complete projects and tasks quickly and accurately.

Full Autonomous Intelligence

Allows challenging, mundane, and repetitive tasks to be fully automated, and self-improving, unsupervised.

Explore how AI can help your real estate business make better property investments through insights unlocked with AI, by browsing our intelligent solution suite below.
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