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Sport has such a massive following and such enormous financial rewards that teams want to find the edge! Such an advantage can be found when looking at the player, the training (and even diet and lifestyle) down to team combinations and competitive analysis.

In this context, it’s hardly surprising that the most ambitious sports organisations are increasingly turning to AI to bolster their established coaching, scouts through truly understanding data – both from within the organisation and from external sources that helps establish truly sustainable competitive advantage on and off the field.

New fields of competitiveness, new data to exploit…

What should a coach or team focus on for the coming match? Team predictions? Injuries? Weakness areas in the competition? Player optimisation?

With a competitive AI engine, any and all data sets can be reviewed, tested and compared. So a system might look at the performance of previous seasons and strategies used, games and training sessions. Crucial data is available to the teams that if it were optimised and used in predictive forecasting; so the team, based on actuals, historical and competitive analysis can work at their absolute optimum.

Knowledge is King

Continuous development & growth

Players and Teams need and want to know how they can better the performance given each and every match. Coaches and supporting staff need to see how the help and focus they provide starts to pay dividends in the outcomes. Management supports the club and need to see how new signings and transfers could affect the balance sheet, the attendance and of course team results; which are possible from reviewing and forecasting.

Fans are no different. Through the best seasons and through the worst the following doesn’t cease, but they need to be kept informed, and such releases need to be monitored and optimised to ensure loyalty management is maintained along with their spend, sponsorship and ticketing opportunities.

Large unstructured data is no match for deep learning

You can’t let success diminish the desire to be a winner. There’s room for improvement in every sportsman.

– Lionel Messi, Professional Footballer, PSG

The Perfect Match of Man and Machine

Sport will always be a game of opinions and emotions. As such will continue to be led by ‘human’ assessments of players, teams and tactics. But there are always opportunities to leverage non-playing data to your advantage:  enabling artificial intelligence If a computer can review the information from wearables (GPS-enabled training vests, HRMs, etc) review the diet and game impact, coaching advice and related historical data as a comparative task then that’s optimising the individual, to find those extra marginal gains that make the difference between defeat and victory.

Continuous development and growth for sports with AI

And what’s next?

Future releases from Quantum AI for the Sports sector include inter team secure communications utilising our Cyber AI engine and a new system for ‘NFT’ Non-Fungible Tokens (asset protection and management) of images, videos, signatures and a financial platform encapsulating blockchain at its core for high-valued transactions internationally.

Augmented reality is a science that’s also forthcoming in the longer term where followers can actually play with their teams and icons in AR games; development we see in a few years time as Virtual Reality sets become more standard and players agree outside of normal transfer arrangements a virtual presence as an extension to our NFT offering.

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