Added Intelligence for
Water and Gas

AI has a key role to play in the innovation of our critical infrastructure and services.

Companies in the utilities sector have an arguably unique role to play in the well-being of our communities and the security of our nation. It’s for this reason that it’s so important businesses in this space are able to predict, mitigate and protect against any changes in demand or supply, and that they can ensure the security of their vast networks.

With assets widely dispersed, and often in remote locations, getting a true picture of operational performance and asset health and security can be difficult. This is often exacerbated by data silos locked in legacy systems, unable to integrate with each other. Quantum’s AI is the solution, and it’s here now.

Identifying issues before they occur

Disruptions in supply, such as broken gas or water mains, are hugely costly for utilities companies in both outright financial terms and in reputational damage. Prevention is, of course, far preferable to the alternative, which can involve major disruption to customers and nearby road and rail infrastructure.

Leveraging AI to understand the causes behind historic breakages, utilities’ operation teams are able to identify patterns in the data that predict where a new break can be expected next, providing opportunities to prevent issues before they incur major costs.

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Supporting vulnerable customers

Utilities have a mandate to protect vulnerable customers from being cut-off in the event of being unable to pay bills. But it’s important that, while protecting those in rightful need, other customers don’t abuse the system, effectively passing on the costs of their unpaid bills to the wider customer base.

For the bill payer, that means less costs to be passed on, and for the business and its regulators, a clear audit trail of where issues have been identified and rectified swiftly.

AI, supported by other emerging technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), sensors, big data and distributed ledger technology, has the ability to monitor, interpret and cross reference data sources such as bill payment patterns, customer calls, and usage, to build a picture of potential defaulters and suggest appropriate methods for utilities providers to address issues with the customer before they incur heavy debts.

Digitalization of Oil, Gas and Fuel Transport Pipeline

Protecting critical supply

With changes in the climate and geopolitical upheaval impacting energy prices, it’s critical that we protect our essential power and water supplies. AI helps achieve this goal in two very different ways: Firstly, by maximising the efficient use of those precious resources through analysing and optimising water and gas delivery networks, and reducing asset failure through deep learning and neural networks; Secondly, through protecting essential infrastructure from malicious cyber threat.

In this instance, the physical and digital threat perimeter is enormous. Assets are often in hard-to-reach locations with minimal staff on site at any time, while a lack of investment in many operational systems often means there can be weaknesses in the industrial systems used to manage supply.

Quantum AI’s deep learning solution can actively monitor and learn every area of the network, and understand the behaviours of applications, devices and users. In doing so it  builds a ‘Digital DNA’ of each, and can automatically flag or restrict access to any device or user acting outside of known ‘norms’.

This dramatically reduces workload for the IT team, provides them with detailed information of any potential threat, and provides them with the information to actively manage those threats swiftly.

AI has a powerful role to play in all areas of the utilities industry

Edge analytics

Enables fast and decentralised learnings to be gathered from multiple datasets and applications within the business and externally.

Tracking and forecasting activity

Understanding historic performance and the factors influencing that performance enables accurate, insightful planning of future activities.

24×7 Operations

Optimise media planning and bidding around the clock, respond to live events,  and maximise the effectiveness of your operations by automating key functions with AI.

To understand how Artificial Intelligence can help your utilities business overcome demand and capacity challenges, while providing an even better service to your customers, browse our intelligent solution suite.

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