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Data is now the last frontier when it comes to competitive advantage. Being able to identify, collate, mine, and interpret your business data – and act on it – provides avenues for greater innovation, more automation, and faster growth than your competition.

Quantum AI is a British-based global provider of Artificial General Intelligence to the mainstream. AI, DL, and ML can solve a multitude of business challenges and open up new opportunities. Are you ready?

What’s your business challenge?

Do you have a challenge or project that requires better intelligence before making a decision? Turn a risk into an informed process that’s quantifiable, provides evidence based research, and intelligently move forward, enlightened and assured that your business processes and decision-making is rational.

Want to make better informed decisions more easily? In a situation where split decisions have to be made; having the information made available to you, at the right time, is essential.

Creating the competitive edge with deep learning
Quantum AI provides tailor-made AI-driven solutions that can elevate your organisation to new heights. Browse our intelligent solution suite to explore how Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI can be used to improve your operations, drive business growth, and unlock intelligence.

Embrace AI and find your competitive edge

Wish to embrace AI to find a competitive edge? Using the machine to do the heavy lifting, doesn’t mean that there needs to be a loss in headcount, it should mean that those same employees can focus on the work they were originally employed to do and not be distracted.

Some may want to replace people for machines, however we believe people are essential for every business and process. We design Artificial Intelligence to assist and work in tandem with the existing workforce. AI is not built to replace.

Embrace AI

beyond the sale

Digital Process Automation

Repetitive tasks are one of the most common causes of mistakes in the workplace, because humans don’t work that way. What if you could automate these tasks and let them run 24/7 for maximum efficiency? Machine Learning can do exactly that, and when paired with our i-DPA solution, you can quickly implement a self-learning, self-healing, and self-optimising model. Free up your workforce’s time, streamline your digital processes, and allow for more big picture projects. Less time on the mundane. More time innovating.

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Deep learning can manage complex datasets

Rolling in the Deep

Need security to be intelligent? Why log everything if no one has the time to sift through it. Even asking an application to make binary decisions based on 0/1 yes/no answers doesn’t assist greatly either.

You need an intelligent learning platform to compute complex algorithms of information from multiple repositories, with changing data streams, and with constantly changing variables. Deep Learning is the solution, and it can partner with the department of people that sift through records, logs, and files of data looking for the needle in a haystack. Deep Learning can delve into any big data, without an issue.

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AI-led Security to
Protect your DigitalDNA

Creating your identity and protecting it online is the critical requirement for the user and the organisation. Knowledge of the real you, your persona, and use of devices, applications and accessed data, defines your digital footprint; we call it your DigitalDNA. At Quantum, your DigitalDNA is what protects you, it doesn’t get any deeper. Every moment your own DigitalDNA is changing, your target can’t keep up – nothing is more unique than you, and so nothing can replicate or imitate you.

Unlock your DigitalDNA

Facial Recognition Technology for i-IAM
Quantum AI’s solutions can work across many industries. No matter what your organisation does, AI can be utilised for good. From Agriculture to Media, Pharmaceuticals to Travel, AI is the future, and it’s here today.

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